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Watch 1. Approaches

Watch 1. Approaches

1. Approaches

Efficient Software Testing • 8m 30s

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  • 2. Test-Driven Development

    The Test-Driven Development (TDD) process is described as a way for building software in step with testing, as well as a tool for designing and refining software.

    Learning Goals:
    1. Understand the TDD workflow
    2. Learn to use TDD as a design tool

  • 3. Unit Testing

    The unit testing method, intended for testing individual units of software on their own, is presented, along with examples and a demo.

    Learning Goals:
    1. Understand what unit tests are concerned with
    2. How set up quick unit tests

  • 4. Integration Testing

    The need for integration testing is presented, along with its benefits and best practices for performing it during development cycles.

    Learning Goals:
    1. Learn what integration testing is concerned with
    2. See how it can find bugs in groups of correctly-working units